"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Monthly Archives: March 2013

March Prayer Letter

We awoke on February 16th to chilling temps.  Kevan left me at home to tend to Tirzah, due to the cold, and faithfully went to stand for life early that Saturday morning.  We both felt an increased burden and prayed mightily for the ministry before he left and I found myself in earnest pleas before the Throne of Grace the entire morning. Kevan calls me with updates whenever I am not able to be with him, and that morning the phone seemed to ring every time I turned around.  By 7 am, the number of women seeking abortions had quickly grown to 15.  Fifteen is a high number and one we have rarely seen in the past—oh, but our hearts were grieved as just that same week, on Wednesday, we had watched 16 women enter that house of death already (these higher counts are sadly becoming more of a trend). By 8:30 am the number had reached 20.  And by 9 am, 22—our minds added both days together, making our heavy hearts, heavier.  So many murdered babies!  So many women scarred! The clinic is a very small facility—the clients were spilling over into the entry way and at times, outside. That Saturday, most women went in without wanting any information. There was hardness, arrogance, silence, sadness, coarseness, meanness—but there seemed to be NO openness. The security guard heckled my husband—“If you really felt abortion was murder you would go in and stop it personally. You are doing nothing out here!”—in order to try to incite anger on Kevan’s part. Kevan won’t fight. I kept praying, “O Lord, may Your name be glorified and righteousness prevail at 720 Central Avenue this morning!”  And many of you prayed that right alongside of us.  Due to the reality of Face Book and faithful warriors, the prayers for this ministry have sky rocketed—immediate, right-when-we-need-them prayers. What an enormous benefit and one we do not take lightly! The Abortionist arrived at his scheduled time spewing obscenities and disgust for the preaching of the gospel. All seemed unusually dark and intense!  But God was at work, inside, where no one could see—inside the building, inside the hearts of a young college age couple.  And His work is mighty!  They knew what they were about to do was wrong and yet they were willing and determined to go through with it. And to think they most likely would have if there had not been believers standing, pleading, praying outside that clinic that day!  What affected them most? Watching the staff mock and make fun of those who preached and prayed!  All of a sudden, without any sign of coming change, this couple looked out the windows to those pleading and gave them a thumb’s up! This girl and her boyfriend faced the pressure of going to the front desk to let them know she had changed her mind, walk back through a filled waiting room, forfeit money, cross the line to talk to my husband and another friend…in order to save the life of her child. A decision they will never forget! One that promises blessing! She whole-heartedly chose to give her baby life! Please pray for “Ann” and “Marc” as they must now walk day to day in that decision. Pray that they will come to know Christ as their Savior!  And rejoice with us! Oh, yes, rejoice with us—our God is mighty to save!

Thank you for also remembering us in prayer as we travelled to White Water, Kansas a couple weekends ago!  Kevan spoke on “Courage” at a wonderful, large Youth Rally involving several churches in that area last month!  Our hosts were amazing and the feedback Kevan received from the youth and leaders, very encouraging!   In March, we look forward to being together as Kevan ministers God’s word to a couple different churches both on the topics of Creation and how to most wisely use the Time we have been allotted!

Deana for the family


Please pray…

Ÿ♦For the young couple who chose to give their baby LIFE!

Ÿ♦For Kevan as he prepares to teach God’s word several times this month at churches in the Kansas City area

Ÿ♦For our weekly teaching in the public school—GOOD NEWS CLUBS

ŸThat God would continue to reap a harvest of salvation as our family engages in the Pro-Life ministry

ŸFor several one-on-one Discipleship studies and classes


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(Kevan and Deana Myers on the memo line)