"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Monthly Archives: September 2013

September Prayer Letter

“Maybe the harassment is too earthly to call a platform. Not only earthly, but ridiculous. These can be like the last straw on the camel’s back—the culminating sting of frustration that just seems more than we can take.  Yet it is so puny we dare not list it among our trials.”  —Isobel Kuhn

We have had our share of “small harassments” this last month and have both been exhorted and encouraged by a dear missionary from the past as we read together, “In the Arena” by Isobel Kuhn.  We have been grateful for a slower month ministry wise, as this pregnancy has brought with it all day and all night sickness.  Little things of no consequence before we were expecting now seem like mountains to climb.  It has added workloads to not only my husband, but also to my dear parents who have given both time and energy in helping me with Tirzah and food preparation throughout the day while Kevan is at work. God has also used dear friends to bless us! We both rejoice in God’s faithfulness when we are weary and tempted to sin in our attitudes and thought life through despair, or grumbling, or discontentment.  Philippians 3:21 promises that our vile body can be fashioned like unto His glorious body, but only as we allow Him to “subdue all things unto Himself.” And as Isobel reminded us, “When the hot feelings of rebellion against circumstances would storm up in my heart I have often cried to Him, ‘Lord, Thou saidst all things, that must mean me. Then subdue me, subdue this flaming resentment, O Lord, I pray Thee.’ And then He would…on just such a humiliating platform—a small harassment.”  Oh, that we will keep our eyes fixed completely and steadfastly on our Master no matter our circumstances and allow Him to work His perfect will in us.  A soul well-disciplined is beyond all price!

We are looking forward to our Church’s Missionary Fair—September 21-22 (9am-3pm).  We would like to invite anyone in the area to stop by at least on Saturday and enjoy the fellowship!  We would LOVE to see you there!  Grace Christian Fellowship is located @ 9200 Parallel, KCK.  Please send us an email if you have any questions!

We would also ask you to begin to pray for several ministry trips we have coming up in October. Most of this month will be given in preparation for the next.  We are going to Denver the first weekend of October on our first Evangelistic/Pro-life Mission’s Trip and covet your prayers.  One of the camps Kevan spoke at this summer took up a significant offering for such an adventure and as we sought the Lord we felt His strong leading to the Denver area. We plan to be there for 3 full days. We will be standing at 2 different Abortion Mills to hand out literature and offer help and hope and the Gospel.  We have been preparing materials with local numbers to a Bible Believing Church and Pregnancy Resource Centers in the area. Kevan will also do some street preaching in the downtown area and we will be handing out many tracts and “Evolution vs. God” dvds.  We do not know what to expect, only desire to be useful servants and to glorify our Lord.  The last weekend of October will have us in Indiana—participating in a youth day on Saturday the 26th and then Kevan will be teaching/preaching in 3 different services the next day. Both of these trips were planned before I got sick—we are trusting these times to the Lord and pray that we will walk in His wisdom and dwell in His grace!


Ÿ♦ The upcoming Missionary Fair (Sept 21-22)

♦For boldness as we stand for LIFE and the gospel in Denver the 1st weekend in October

♦For the preparation and study needed for teaching in Indiana for Kevan

Ÿ♦For our pro-life minstry, two times each week—that we would be bold, courageous, and strengthened to stand in the midst of opposition and that God would continue to reap a harvest of saved babies and saved souls

Ÿ♦Deana’s pregnancy and protection for our little one

♦ That God would give us wisdom in raising Tirzah

♦That we would be teachable in all things


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