"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Monthly Archives: October 2013

October Prayer Letter

Happy Fall to all our wonderful friends!  We love the change in the weather and want to praise the Lord for the change He has brought to my all day/all night sickness as well. Through the recommendation of a friend, I started taking Unisom before bed about a week ago and it has made a significant difference! Thank you for praying me through the rough months and for all the love and encouragement many of you sent my way!  You blessed me in so many ways!

We also praise God for the way He worked on our behalf as we packed up and travelled to Denver!  I must say, we were overwhelmed with His goodness every mile of our journey and rested in the glorious fact that we were following a Good and Wise Shepherd each step of the way.  We were amazed as we watched the Lord give us strength to reach each objective and courage as we embarked on something new and out of our comfort zone.  We stood 2 different mornings outside Planned Parenthood servicing the entire Rocky Mountain Region. This is the 2nd largest PP in the United States. We were grieved to find out that 25+ babies are slaughtered daily, 5 days a week.  We had 3 reasons for going—one, to preach the gospel, offering help and hope to all who entered, second, to encourage the believers who minister each week at that abortion mill and third, to learn all that we could from dear saints who have been faithful to stand for LIFE over 25 years!  We gleaned so much and left feeling extremely grateful for those brothers and sisters who have been willing to give incredible amounts of time and money to save the lives of MANY babies and see souls brought to Christ and to be arrested and jailed through the years in order to “fix” the rights that we now “enjoy” as we stand!  It gave us greater passion and boldness to continue in the work!





We also arrived in Denver with stacks of Evolution vs God dvds and plenty of tracts.  We desired to do an evangelism outreach downtown but knew nothing regarding the logistics in that area or what we would find.  We were saddened to discover so many homeless, so much debauchery, and so little LIGHT!  We had several possible destinations to plant our efforts and drove till we felt the Spirit give clear direction.  We loaded up our stroller with baby and literature J and left the parking lot trembling.  When we had finally finished our mission we could have cried with relief and utter joy as we sat in our car and reveled in the utter delight one receives just from OBEDIENCE!  God was faithful and most people that we approached were receptive!  Please pray alongside us that the seeds that were sown will bear precious fruit of repentance and salvation!



The rest of October is crammed full of ministry engagements and we ask you to pray for us as we prepare and follow through!  J  We will be making 2 more weekend trips this month—one to Ellis, Kansas where Kevan will be speaking specifically on the issue of LIFE at a church and one to Indiana where both Kevan and I will be teaching young people for a youth day and Kevan will be speaking at three different Sunday Services.  Kevan is also scheduled to do 2 different teachings on Dinosaurs (school and church setting) and a couple chapel services at a Christian School.


Ÿ♦ Dinosaur Presentation for a 5th Grade Class–Oct 16

♦ Chapel Services at a Christian School–Oct 18

♦ Trip and preaching ministry in Ellis, KS–Oct 20

♦ Trip and teaching/preaching ministry in Indiana–Oct 26-27

♦ Dinosaur Presentation at a local Church–Oct 31

Ÿ♦For our pro-life minstry, two times each week—that we would be bold, courageous, and strengthened to stand in the midst of opposition and that God would continue to reap a harvest of saved babies and saved souls

Ÿ♦Deana’s pregnancy and protection for our little one

♦ That God would give us wisdom in raising Tirzah

♦That we would be teachable in all things

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(Kevan and Deana Myers on the memo line)