"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Daily Archives: February 7, 2014

February Prayer Letter

Thank you for praying for our family and ministry outreaches throughout the month of January!  The Lord truly blessed us as we travelled to spend one weekend mid-month with 2 different churches in central Kansas—speaking and interacting with a youth group at one location and preaching for a congregation whose Pastor had been hospitalized with a heart attack at another location.  Kevan spoke boldly to the teens regarding their need to be on active duty to their King—to know the Sword and apply it well!  We are aware of one teen praying to receive Christ as her Savior and praise God for the effectiveness of His Word—it promises to never return void!  We were also able to speak on the issue of LIFE and what teens and churches can do when they are located in areas far from abortion mills. We were so blessed by the fellowship with dear friends and the ministry that weekend!

Last month I shared with you all our burden for increase in our own prayer life (more time and energy) and a desire to ask for bigger requests in petitioning the Lord of Life regarding our ministry on the “frontline of life”.  We have been extremely blessed by God’s gracious hand in answering our pleas!  It seems that every time we lay a request before Him in this area, He answers!  Why do we not lay more at His feet?!!!!  In this first month and a half of 2014 we have seen one confirmed baby saved and one turn around (a woman who told us she was not aborting that day but no confirmation of an actual save) and we have been privileged to see 7 different individuals come out to stand with us who have never been to these gates of death before!  This has brought great joy to our hearts and praise to our lips!  Specific answers to specific requests!  February is also Black History Month and we have sought for ways to engage our black brothers and sisters in this mighty cause—through much prayer, through contact, through internet and social media, etc.  We will continue to seek for ways to awaken churches in our area (and across the nation) to this mandatory ministry.  We rejoice as God has, again, beautifully given us the desires of our hearts in small but incredible ways.  It only serves to increase the desire and make our requests even bigger!!!!!

Our challenge to you:  make it a point, in this next month, to GO and stand—to pray or to plead—outside an abortion mill if you have never done so!  If you have been out, make it a point to invite someone else who has never been to come stand with you!  Going out to an abortion mill has incredible value—it WILL engage your prayer life more, and it WILL be used of the Lord to engage the public with the TRUTH.  It is what we are supposed to do with the truth!

As the year unfolds our summer calendar begins to fill with several different week-long meetings and camps.  Running parallel with our ministry on the frontline of life is our ministry on the frontline of Creation and maintaining God’s word to be exactly what it claims to be.  Please be praying for Kevan as he uses the next few months to prepare many, many messages on many different topics!

We also greatly appreciate your prayers during this last month and a half of pregnancy!  We eagerly anticipate our little boy’s arrival!  Your friendship and partnership with us in ministry is a GREAT blessing!  We love each of you dearly!



Ÿ♦ That the Lord would open up doors regarding ministry on the frontlines!  And that we would walk worthy unto all pleasing.  

Ÿ♦ Weekly and Bi-Monthly Discipleship Bible Studies led by both Kevan and Deana separately

Ÿ♦ For our Pro-Life ministry, two times each week—that we would be bold, courageous, and strengthened to stand in the midst of opposition and that God would continue to reap a harvest of saved babies and saved souls

Ÿ♦ For Kevan’s preparation of messages he will be teaching this summer!

Ÿ♦ Deana’s pregnancy and protection for our little one 🙂

♦ That God would give blessing in our marriage and wisdom in raising Tirzah 

♦ That we would be teachable in all things


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