"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Daily Archives: March 4, 2014

March Prayer Letter

We are thrilled to announce that we have entered baby’s BIRTH MONTH!  Yippee!  As I write, we are 22 days from due date.  And yes, we are completely aware that baby will come when he’s ready and not a moment sooner (Tirzah was a whole week past the anticipated date)! But passing from February to March just feels like a wonderful milestone and we praise the Lord! We DO rejoice in all the ways God has met our needs throughout this pregnancy and ask you to join us in praying for what is to come—labor and delivery!  We look forward to sharing pictures in our next letter!

Thanks for praying for our specific February requests!  We saw the Lord work mightily as the He continues to lead Kevan in preparing for upcoming messages, through ministry outreaches, in our one-on-one discipleship Bible Studies and mentoring, within the weekly Good News Club in the public school, while pleading at the abortion mill, and in the quiet of our home as we have given much time in prayer regarding “the battle that rages!”

This month Kevan will be speaking to elementary children at a local Assembly—beginning a series on Apologetics at their Kid’s Club, as well as participating in a Lock-in at another Church for High-Schoolers—preaching a message on knowing and declaring God in a world that does not know Him (based on Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill)!  Please pray that these times of ministry will bear much fruit for the gospel and spiritual growth in the lives of the hearers!

We want to praise the Lord for the fruit He has allowed us to see while standing for LIFE in this last month.  Throughout one morning we witnessed 3 women change their minds, walk out of the abortion mill at different times, and with tears declare “I am not going to kill my baby!” as they drove away.  What a dose of encouragement and motivation to keep on keeping on!  So many days find us discouraged—pleading with couples who know that what they are doing is wrong (admitting themselves that it will be regretted) and yet choosing to rebel anyway.  Offering help and hope to those who mock and curse you can leave you feeling the task is too much.  But it is not our task, it is our God’s!  And God is mighty to SAVE!  In just these first few months of 2014 we have seen 5 confirmed saves and 4 turn arounds!

During the month of March, we desire to not only alert but engage college students in the fight to abolish abortion!  When Kevan googled “college and abortion” the other day the mill we stand at weekly was first on the list. Sadly, they come! We meet them weekly—either attending a college in this area or driving over from Manhattan or Lawrence or Missouri!  Please join us in praying as we target the “group” that is most targeted by Planned Parenthood!  If you or your kids attend college or are regularly on a college campus, or if you have college-age friends, or influence in any college group through your church please consider the incredible and mandatory need to speak up against the atrocities linked with the torture and cold-blooded murder being performed at Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities. To abolish human abortion will require much prayer and much action!  We would love to come alongside of you and aid you in any way!


Ÿ♦ Upcoming teaching in 2 different churches this month  

Ÿ♦ Weekly and Bi-Monthly Discipleship Bible Studies led by both Kevan and Deana separately

Ÿ♦ For our Front Line ministry at our local abortion mill, two times each week—that we would be bold, courageous, and strengthened to stand in the midst of opposition and that God would continue to reap a harvest of saved babies and saved souls

♦ For the women who chose life for their babies–that they would stay consistent throughout their pregnancy and that they would come to know Christ as their Savior!

Ÿ♦ For Kevan’s preparation of messages he will be teaching this summer!

Ÿ♦ Healthy and safe delivery for our little boy due March 25th!

♦ That God would give blessing in our marriage and wisdom in raising our children

♦ That we would be teachable in all things


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