"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Daily Archives: March 18, 2014


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standing with the unborn and pleading their cause

On Saturday, March 8th, a young couple got out of their parked car and began to walk down the sidewalk toward the entrance of the Abortion Mill. As is our desire every time we go to minister at 7th and Central, we lovingly approached them, praying in our hearts that the Lord would allow a conversation to ensue—hoping that they would at least take the life packet we offer filled with information on fetal development, abortion procedures, and their options. Every woman who has made an appointment to terminate her pregnancy has hurdled great obstacles just to arrive at the clinic—and once they begin to make that final descent to death they are already filled with regret, hostility, sadness, anger, bitterness, or you name it “emotion.”  This particular Saturday was no different!  But as we approached F and E they willingly stopped to take the information we were offering and, praise the Lord, continued to listen as several began to plead with them to not go through with their plans that morning.  They were unmarried with a 5 month old baby at home—overwhelmed with now another on the way, E was 10 weeks along!  After some time of talking, she told Kevan that she would let her boyfriend decide whether they would keep this child or not (she was convinced) and she willingly “stepped back” so that we could reason with him.  After 45 minutes of sharing truth and mercy with this couple (and calling on many of you to pray), F said (with many tears), “I can’t do it, I can’t do it!”  What rejoicing broke out!  I reached to hug E and she clung to me.  She was waiting for her man to make the right choice—and he did!  They were confronted with their sin of immorality and we spoke to them about God’s design for marriage (they both claimed to know Christ).  We prayed out loud before they left! We were so proud of them!  The next day I got a text from E which stated: “We are so thankful that you were there and helped us in so many ways.  My boyfriend is so happy with the decision and said we need to start buying baby items to celebrate this life!” Would you join us in praying that this couple will continue to be obedient to Christ and that God will give us more opportunity to speak truth and love into their lives?  Our hearts are thrilled!  The best part of that day was KNOWING that not just 1 life was rescued…but 4 lives were spared death that morning!  That is right, 4 women chose to keep their treasures, nestled safely in their womb!  We were blessed to have several wonderful Christians standing with us that day! One precious believer, who stopped her car last summer and asked what we were doing, now makes it her practice to come and stand with us on Saturdays!  She and her husband were there that specific day to counsel and rejoice with F and E!  She has a wonderful testimony of her own unplanned pregnancy while still in high school, the blessed choice she made to keep her baby, and the way God saved her and brought her into a Christian marriage—rising above ALL of the negative and sinful traps she was caught in!



We are thrilled to now have gift bags for those courageous mama’s who choose, at a most critical point in time, to not abort their tiny baby growing inside their womb! These are filled to the brim with diapers, bibs, binkies, soft blankets, and lotions for baby, as well as a What to Expect when you are Expecting book, a Pro-life booklet by Randy Alcorn, Gospel literature, and something special to pamper mom!  We want to be a blessing!!!

 In just 3 short months we have been privileged to see 10 babies saved from death as their mothers choose life!


“I just need one more sign from God to show He doesn’t want us to do this”—a young father outside the mill while his wife was awaiting an abortion.   This came after a lengthy conversation where he heard many scriptures from God’s word declaring abortion to be wrong.  The hypocrisy was seen a lot that day!  He professed to be a Christian and claimed to believe that God is in control and that he was submissive to God’s providence, and yet at the same time was acting in contradiction to God’s timing and will in their child’s life.

The church in this generation needs to recognize that the Word of God is all the sign that is needed to know how to live!

“A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh a sign” (Matthew 16:4).


December— 38 babies killed

January— 46 babies killed

February— 46 + babies killed