"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Daily Archives: April 17, 2014

April Prayer Letter

Introducing Edward Borden Benjamin

Introducing Edward Borden Benjamin

Introducing Edward Borden Benjamin

born April 1, 9 pounds 3 ounces, 21 and 1/2 inches long

Our little hero decided to skip March altogether…and make his appearance the first of April!  We are so happy he is here.  It is wonderful to watch Tirzah interact with her “bruber”—she is so good with him!  My favorite sound to hear each new day is Tirzah’s, “good mornin’ Edbird!” So adorable. Thank you all for praying us through this pregnancy.  God was faithful all along the way and although we did not end up delivering in the setting we planned (natural vbac at a wonderful birth center) we did end up with a healthy baby. And that is the most important thing! We were so grateful for the doctor God provided at the very end and her wise counsel—and her ability to perform the C-Section!



We are also excited about the 13 babies that WILL BE BORN this year thanks to God’s Mighty Arm of Salvation and your faithful prayers! That is how many “saves” we have to date from this year alone.  Since putting together the gift bags we have been able to give out 3 (just last week)…what a blessing that has been to both us and the mamas who have courageously chosen to give their children life!  A big thank you to those who have given your time, talents, and money so that we can provide a bag filled to the brim with LOVE and reminders of how PRECIOUS a baby is!

daisy and cruz

cruz with blanket and soap


Thank you for the prayers regarding Kevan’s scheduled teaching ministry as well as our Bible Studies this last month!  God was faithful as promised in giving Kevan wisdom and ability to proclaim truth to adults, teens, and children on different occasions—and gave us boldness when ministering as a family at the Mill, even in the face of opposition!

Please Pray:

For Kevan’s Monthly teaching (on apologetics) in a Kids’ Club at a local Assembly

For Kevan’s preparation of messages for this summer’s teaching—he is scheduled as Camp Speaker  in Kansas, Missouri, Virginia, and California

Weekly and Bi-Monthly Discipleship Bible Studies that Deana and Kevan both lead separately

Frontline ministry at our local abortion mill


to order:

The Towers of Su-Kye $7.00 + shipping

I Will Give You the Rain $9.00 + shipping

Her Beautiful Dwelling Place $3.50 + shipping

or to schedule Kevan:  email or call creationkevan@gmail.com or Ÿ913-827-2171

information packets are also available


love gifts can be sent to:  H e a r t l a n d   B a p t i s t   M i s s i o n

 7 0 0 0   P e n s a c o l a   B l v d  Ÿ  P e n s a c o l a,  F L  Ÿ  32505

(Kevan and Deana Myers on the memo line)