"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Monthly Archives: June 2014

June Prayer Letter

Turning the alarm off this morning I was struck with the date, June 10th, printed there on the screen!  June 10th already? Can we really be this far into 2014? Amazing! 🙂 Although the year seems to fly by, we purpose to take the time to rejoice in and enjoy God’s goodness to our family in so many ways—especially in this past month!  We appreciate your prayers for the ministry God has laid out for us to do and your special friendship!

Standing for Righteousness at the Abortion Mill this last month we have proved God to be good!  Whether it is through seeing babies saved and Mamas desire truth or through being cursed at and mocked by those in rebellion to the gospel we preach—God shows us His faithfulness and promises to “perfect that which concerneth [us]” (Psalm 138:8).

We have seen the Lord work in new and wonderful ways in this ministry.  We praise Him for direct answers to specific prayers—we have had 30 believers come to stand for the very first time so far this year, we know of 17 babies saved since January,  we have been able to keep contact with several mothers who chose life and are thrilled to continue to support them and show them Christ’s love, and since just May 13th (our first personal contact with her) we have witnessed the Lord work mightily in the life of one of the staff (“M”) who has now QUIT HER JOB!!!!!! And just today, another worker gratefully took information on how to get out of the abortion business and a list of job openings in this area, as she said, “Yes, I would like that!” Please pray for those working to help “M” find a new place of employment and that this other worker will have a sense of urgency to leave her job.  Most importantly, please pray that these women will come to saving faith in Christ Jesus!  We don’t know if we will see them again, but desire to be used of the Lord for the furtherance of the gospel in their lives. Please pray that God will open the doors He desires for us!  Again, we are so grateful for the promise that He WILL “perfect that which concerneth [us]” (Psalm 136:8).

Traveling to teach and/or preach in Churches and at Christian Youth in Action© this last month we have proved God to be good!  What a blessing it has been to be with other bodies of believers and see their love for Christ and obedience to His commission of evangelism! Whether fellowshipping with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ, teaching God’s word to those with ears to hear, watching teens diligently complete lessons and study in preparation for teaching Bible clubs, witnessing someone find freedom by humbly confessing sin that has had them bound, losing our own sleep because our newborn doesn’t always seem to be able to sleep, or driving for hours with tired and cranky children—God shows us His faithfulness and promises to “strengthen [us] with strength in [our] soul” (Psalm 138: 3).

We travel once more this month—Father’s Day weekend—as Kevan will deliver the morning message at a Church in Whitewater, Kansas.  Please pray that God will be glorified in all that we say and do!

Thank you all for being such devoted prayer partners!  We know that it is through much prayer, the crucifying of our flesh, and obedience to God’s word alone that allows us to do anything at all for God.  We can and do forget that most important truth many a day, and as we allow pride to take up residence it usually manifests itself as frustration, discouragement, and/or thinking too highly of ourselves!  Oh, but our good God is faithful to show us our sin (not leave us in it) and remind us that we are nothing and can do nothing of eternal value outside of our great Savior!

Please Pray:

For Kevan’s preaching June 15

For Kevan’s preparation of messages for this summer’s teaching—he is scheduled as Camp Speaker  in Kansas, Missouri, Virginia, and California

For Deana’s preparation as she will also be speaking to women

Weekly and Bi-Monthly Discipleship Bible Studies that Deana and Kevan both lead separately

Frontline ministry at our local abortion mill

That God will help “M” find a job and that both workers will come to salvation


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