"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Daily Archives: November 11, 2014

November Prayer Letter

Giving Thanks

November is here in all its glorious chill and delightful smells of fire and apples and pumpkin!  The heat has been turned on in our house and the blankets pulled down for easy access.  Our family loves this time of year and we have been basking in God’s faithfulness to us!  Kevan and I still wake up in the morning amazed—amazed that we are married with two children and that God has commissioned us for this ministry! Grateful that Kevan has a job, we have a place to call home, food in our pantry, and blessings left-over. Oh, the goodness of it all.  We have so much to be thankful for! And so, we take the time to remember that these gifts come down from the Father of Lights and praise our Lord and Maker for the blessings He has poured down on our family.  We must.  It is a specific command in Scripture!  But we have also been given another specific command in Scripture—to take the time to remember and pray for our dear brothers and sisters who do not have the physical comfort we so quickly take for granted and who do not have the freedom to worship the One true God—they know fear in a way we have never experienced.  Our hearts are filled with both gratefulness and sorrow—gratefulness for the example of courage and obedience shown us by the persecuted church and sorrow for grief over lives ruined, wrecked, burned, beaten, stabbed, shot, beheaded, lost, widowed, orphaned…solely because they refuse to deny the name of Christ.  Please join us in “remember[ing] those who are in bonds, as bound with them” (Hebrews 13:3) during this season of thankfulness.  Help yourself to valuable resources that will bring those who are suffering “to life” in your home and prayer life:  www.persecution.com    https://www.opendoorsusa.org/  www.cru.org/train-and-grow/devotional-life/pray-for-persecuted-church.html www.persecution.org/   www.persecutedchurch.org/.

Our tirzah will be three the end of this month.  She has requested an “everything pink” party.  So this mama is having fun planning that!  🙂  Edward has reached 7 months.  He not only is teething his 7th tooth…he has been in full crawl for several weeks now and is pulling himself up and “walking” these days.  He is very fast and furious…and most adventurous!  🙂  We sure have a lot of fun with these two!

Ministry Update

We were beyond blessed this last month by Ellis Baptist Church, in Ellis Kansas—dear believers and partners with us as we engage the culture and speak up for those who have no voice, outside the abortion clinics!  We spent a most hospitable weekend with them in October (their mission’s emphasis month)—what an honor for Kevan to both preach and teach and for our family to minister alongside this precious body of believers!  We enjoyed sweet friendship and fellowship!  We are grateful for this faithful congregation and the way they care for our family!

We continue to stand each Wednesday morning outside Planned Parenthood to plead for the lives of the unborn, to offer help and hope to their parents, and to preach the gospel.  It is through the gospel of Jesus Christ alone we will see abortion abolished.  But, we are saddened every week as we leave, knowing that  the sidewalk will most likely remain empty for the rest of the day—knowing that the sidewalk is empty most of the hours the killing is taking place each week. Please join us in praying that the Lord will wake up His church in Kansas City.  Please pray the Lord will show us what part we should play in seeking to mobilize His people to answer this specific call.  If you are from this area, please consider the part you might play! And please, praise the Lord with us, as well—God has moved in the hearts of 4 committed Christians (outside of our own church) who have been faithful to minister alongside of us these last few months!

We also praise the Lord for the interaction we have been able to have with 2 people who have come out of Planned Parenthood to talk with us.  One was a friend of a client…the other, last week, was a father whose 2nd trimester baby was being aborted that day.  Although this did not lead to the saving of babies we were incredibly encouraged.  Please pray that we will have more and more contact with those going in to this place of death!

We also continue to stand at the intersection of College and Roe in Overland Park every Saturday morning to declare the truth about abortion and the gospel by holding signs and preaching (Kevan and another brother through amplification).  Please consider coming and standing with us one Saturday a month if you are from this area.  We feel very strongly about the need to provoke the public to do what is right in the face of such evil!

The Lord continues to open up doors of opportunities for us to minister the precious Word of God to others!  We look forward to the speaking engagements, Bible studies, and one-on-one conversations we will engage in during this month.  Please pray that the Lord will be glorified in all we say and do!

“I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving” (Psalm 69:30).


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