"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Monthly Archives: February 2015

February Prayer Letter

plans and praises

Thank you for remembering us in prayer last month.  The Lord gave grace as we did that which was set before us!  The next few months have several specific events scheduled and we ask you to pray as we prepare our hearts for teaching and spend time in study.  This season of life is full to the brim with our primary ministry of raising a family and working to provide for that family 🙂 so we ask you to pray as we seek the time needed to prepare for the other ministry doors the Lord is widely opening!  Kevan will be teaching a Creation Seminar and Deana will be speaking at a ladies retreat, both out of town, in March and April.  Next month is filling up and so we know that using February to engage in major preparation is vital!

We continue to stand bi-weekly for Life and the Gospel and rejoice as we have more joining us on a regular basis!  The Lord is answering our prayers—just last Wednesday there were 8 who stood to proclaim truth to those entering! With joyful hearts we praise God for those who have been coming specifically to learn from standing with us and have begun to stand on their own. It is wonderful to know that on days we cannot be there, a representative of King Jesus is filling that gap!  This is a DIRECT answer to prayer! And it is motivation to keep praying! The sidewalks are far from filled, even if they are more filled than last month! Remember that in Overland Park, The “Murder of Children” is open for business every week day, all day long, and on Saturdays from 7-noon.

pray therefore the Lord of the harvest

Last month we asked you to join us in praying that churches in this area would choose a day to begin interceding for more laborers to come and bring the gospel to the mission field of the abortion clinics!  As we began to “knock on doors” and talk with Pastors and Elders we felt the Lord’s presence in urging us forward.  We are grateful for those who have responded positively.  Please pray for us as we have scheduled meetings with some of these men in order to discuss our desire and give them valuable resources. Please pray as we begin to make more contacts!  We feel strongly that God would have us pursue as many churches as He directs, pray that we will have wisdom and will swiftly obey His lead! As we stated before, we desire EVERY DAY covered in praying that the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood and the Center for Women’s Health would be covered EVERY DAY with believers!  If you are in this area and would like to give us your church information and those we should contact, please let us know!!!!

happy shower for  a life saved

We were thrilled to have mama “L” into our home in order to spoil her and her sweet baby Brayden with food and gifts galore!  A huge thanks to all of you who gave presents and gift cards!  The Lord’s presence was such a part of that morning!  Please pray that “L” and her family would be saved.  Deana clearly presented the need and the gospel while this dear Mama attentively listened.  It is the Lord who convicts and draws men to repentance!








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