"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Monthly Archives: March 2015

March Prayer Letter

remember Thy Creator

Kevan is scheduled to lead a weekend of Revival Meetings on a Creation theme in Ellis, KS the last weekend of March!  We will travel down together as a family and ask you to pray for the Lord to be glorified in every aspect of our time away.  The entire community will be invited to this event.  Please pray that Lord would draw men and women, boys and girls, to a saving faith in Christ and that they will stand on the sure foundation of the plain teaching of Scripture!

“pray therefore the Lord of the harvest”

A huge thanks to those of you who have been praying for us as we approach churches with the request that they would take a day to intercede for more laborers for the specific harvest of the last 2 remaining abortion mills in Kansas City.  We are excited to know of 3 congregations who have whole-heartedly committed to “stand in the gap” on specific days, and several other churches planning to have us come and present the need for prayer in order to inform their members.  We hope that very soon every day is covered in prayer—asking the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the harvest.  We desire that EVERY DAY the sidewalks would be covered with those who are pleading for the unborn and offering the hope of the gospel to all who enter!  Most days the sidewalks are empty. Please pray as we begin to make more contacts!  We feel strongly that God would have us pursue as many churches as He directs. If you are in this area and would like to give us your church information and those we should contact, please let us know!  This is not to promote our ministry in any way, to ask for financial aid, or to ask your church to engage in another “program”…the purpose is solely to invite believers to intercede!

another save

We were thrilled to witness a mother choose life for her precious unborn baby last Saturday.  We know God is in the saving business and are aware of women who have changed their minds and fled Planned Parenthood in these last few months, but this was the first to happen on our watch!  Although we have seen a number of turn-arounds, we have not had a confirmed save last July.  Please pray this mother would stay resolved to carry and that she would come to saving faith in Christ alone!   Please pray for MORE babies!

on the home front

Our children are our first and highest ministry—and we feel quite honored to be their parents! Y We desire to see them come to know Christ as their Savior at a young age, and pray to this end.  Tirzah is blossoming in so many ways—it is fun to carry on actual conversations 🙂 and see her grasp ahold of God’s word as we begin to memorize passages together as a family!  She loves to sing, to dance with her Da, to read, to play with her doll house, and to explore outside!  Edward will be a year old in a few short weeks!  Can it really be true?  He is such a cuddle baby, but very strong in both physical strength and will!  Seems like we have 2 very determined children!  🙂

Kevan is very busy working hard to provide for his family.  He is most faithful in every way possible and loved by each of us!  Our favorite part of everyday is his homecoming each evening!  I love keeping house and being secretary for all the little details our ministry incurs.  We purpose to engage the front lines God has called us to hold with our children by our sides whenever it is possible!  Besides preparing for and teaching Sunday School, Bible studies, and School chapels, or Kevan preaching in churches, we have committed to stand outside of Planned Parenthood every Wednesday and every other Saturday morning.  The other Saturdays we have chosen to stand in between both of the mills at the intersection of College and Roe to hold sings and preach (with amplification) to those stopped at the traffic light—we do this to provoke the public and awaken them to what is happening in their own backyard!  Thank you for praying AND supporting us in so many ways!!!!

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