"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Monthly Archives: April 2015

April Prayer Letter


 we are so blessed to serve a risen Savior! we hope you enjoyed a weekend of thanksgiving and celebration in remembering that empty tomb and the promised resurrection every believer in Christ can also anticipate!!!!!!
thank you for your love and intercession for our family, and for taking the time to read our latest update for prayer and praise!  we do pray for you!  let us know how we can do so specifically!

sowing seeds

We rejoice in the seed that was sown this last month and thank you for joining us in praying that the Lord would be glorified in each scheduled event!  March was filled with chapel messages at several different Christian Schools and at a local evangelistic Kid’s Club, time pleading for the unborn and preaching the gospel outside of the Planned Parenthood, provoking the public at the busy intersection of College and Roe in Overland Park on the subject of abortion in our City and what God has to say about LIFE, bible studies, and a weekend Creation Seminar out of town.  Although we did not see souls saved, we are confident that they heard truth—please pray that the seed sown would take root and produce a harvest!  We know of a couple self-acclaimed “Atheists” and evolutionists that were in attendance at the revival meetings on Creation—please pray that they will agree with God and with what they already know to be true!  Kevan spent some time in each session shooting down the idea that an “atheist” has any ground for intellectual dialogue on the subject.  Every “atheist” argument assumes that God exists.  I greatly appreciate my husband’s kindness when presenting truth—but never watering it down!

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on becoming one

Our little man turned one on April 1st! We have had such a fun year with Edward and continue to praise the Lord for the gift of his life!  He spent his birthday morning outside of Planned Parenthood with the rest of us—we used the events of his birthday and April Fool’s Day as a springboard for sharing truth with those going in to have abortions. Having our children on the sidewalk with us is so powerful—they are a testimony of blessing! Every woman can have the JOY that comes with pregnancy, no matter her situation.


april’s happenings

Our calendar this month is mostly black!  What a blessing to have scribbles in most of the squares!  Having a month full of ministry and meetings (in prep for ministry this summer) means we must be intentional regarding family time and time in the Word though!  Would you please pray that we would not become cumbered down with the “doing of the work” that we are not sensitive to the Spirit’s voice and eager to go where He leads in each ministry event! Besides our normal weekend schedule at the Planned Parenthood or Intersection in between the two abortion mills, 3 out of the 4 weekends this month are filled with several other ministry events.  Some of this month includes—all day teaching at a CEF Spectacular on “Science and the Law”, Christian School chapel messages (here and out of town), presenting the need for more laborers in the specific field of the abortion mills at a local church, ministry on the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood, and a Ladies’ Retreat Deana will be speaking at in a quaint Bed and Breakfast out of town.  Thank you so much for partnering with our family in prayer.  We often feel quite inadequate and find ourselves on our faces before the Lord seeking His mighty enabling!  How exciting it is to watch Him answer those prayers and make us vessels fit for His use!  He is so good!!!


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