"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Monthly Archives: July 2015

July Prayer Letter

a special announcement

Because I combined 2 months of prayer and praise in our last letter a LOT has happened since I wrote you! We were so excited to find out in May that we are having another baby!  This very special delivery will take place, Lord willing, in January of 2016!  A great way to start a band new year!  I have had a lot of sickness to battle this last month and would appreciate your prayers as I walk through this pregnancy. We are amazed at God’s goodness in the gifts of our children! Random silly side note: craving green olives like crazy, olives with bleu cheese!

summer in full swing

We have now officially been to Michigan as a family!  A huge thanks to all of you who prayed in preparation for the ministry and while we were away!  God did move mightily as the preaching and teaching of His word went forth!  We were so blessed by our host church and their faithful AND EXUBERANT witness for Christ in the community which God has placed them!  It was great to watch the kids from the YMCA camp pile into the pews each morning and sit attentively to Kevan’s creation presentations!  And we REJOICED as children responded to the gospel each day!  We saw many saved…and are so grateful that Michiana Christian Embassy is committed to disciple these precious children if/when the opportunity arises!  Please pray for these children!

Seems like even before we were home Kevan was switching gears mentally to all the finishing prep needing to be completed for the rest of this month and another camp the first week of August!  On Saturday, July 11th, he will be preaching to the men staying at the City Union Mission in the morning and then teaching kids in the afternoon at a Bike Rodeo hosted by a local church!

We leave for a week-long High School camp on August 2nd!  Kevan will be teaching a total of 10 hour-long sessions on Creation vs Evolution and would greatly appreciate your prayers!  He is still working on final touches as he prepares a syllabus (complete with study notes and resources papers) that will be put into a book for the teens, as well as prayerfully constructing each presentation with what God would have him share!!!!!  Some of the subjects he will be covering are: The Dangerous Waters of Evolution, So Called Science, Dinosaurs and Man, The Kind Question, Apologetics, Living Fossils, Icons of Evolution, etc.!

front line of life

We continue to stand at the entrance of Planned Parenthood twice a week and are grateful for your prayers as we engage in this ministry.  The Lord continues to slowly increase the number who are coming to stand—but please pray that more be awakened to this need in our city.  There are many hours when there is no witness for Christ on the sidewalk.  We are aware of a couple saves during these last 2 months and rejoice! One specific morning Kevan and I counted 23 abortion clients, and that was just in the morning hours!  That day we handed out more literature than ever in one setting and 3 separate cars stopped at the entrance to talk with us.  This can be both encouraging and heartbreaking at the same time.  When you begin to hear a woman’s story, look at her in the eyes, and find out the age of her pre-born child the burden you hold as you stand on the sidewalk gets heavier and heavier. L So many packets handed out, so many words of truth and hope spoken, and yet it all can seem ineffective. That is when Kevan reminds me, “Car windows are coming down, Deana! Windows come down before the walls do!” And I am rallied in my spirit and grateful for every breach that is found in the enemy’s fortification.  This last month I have not been able to go with Kevan as much due to this pregnancy.  Last Wednesday as he preached He sensed the Lord doing mighty things.  As we call out to women, or Kevan preaches, many are hearing God’s word proclaimed!  Oh, that man would choose to fear the Lord and flee wickedness!

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