"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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A Life Saved

We are rejoicing in a turn around we had today as I stood at our local abortion mill—a young college age couple who knew what they were doing was wrong but felt they had no other options. Oh, to think they would have allowed a doctor to take the life of their child (and then lived with intense grief and guilt) if there had not been people standing and pleading outside that mill this morning. What effected them most was watching the staff mock those of us handing out information and praying on the sidewalk. They could not take it and faced the pressure of going to the front desk to let them know they were not going to abort, walk back out through all the people in the waiting room, forfeit money, etc…in order to save the life of their child. Praise God. Prayer is so incredibly important in this work. A huge thanks to those who have prayed all week for these specific girls entering today. God answered.  We are filled with such emotion!

If you are interested in coming to join us stand or would like information on how to start a Pro-life ministry in your own area, please let us know.  This ministry is vital—if there is a clinic in your city please begin to pray for how the Lord would use you, your family, and your church to effectively share the gospel and help those who are walking in to their destruction.  Consider for just a moment the number of mills in comparison to the number of churches!  “These abortion mills stay open by permission of the local church” —Francis Schaffer.

Tomorrow Deana and Tirzah and I travel to White Water, Kansas! I will be speaking at a youth rally Sunday evening and would appreciate your prayers for safety on the road and that God’s word will go forth and bear much fruit!