"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Our Purpose

1. Evangelize the Lost

Our Lord is not willing that any should perish, and neither are we. Our Saviour has given us a Great Commission: to go and preach the Gospel to the lost. So many millions are in bondage to sin around the world and here in our own country. Lost people can be found everywherein the streets and in schools, going into abortion mills, and coming out of churches. Without hearing the Word of God, understanding the Gospel, and putting their faith in Jesus Christ, they are headed for Hell. We choose to be active in sharing the message in more that one venuepreaching, teaching, tract distribution, street ministry, and witnessing at abortion mills.

 2. Edify the Believers

We also have a burden to strengthen the faith of those who already know the Saviour and see them stirred to serve Him with all their hearts. Churches, families, and individuals need to have a firm foundation on the Scriptures. It is a joy for me to teach God’s truth to God’s people. I desire to show how the Bible has the answers to all of life’s questions. Whether I am exposing the lies of Evolution and upholding the account of Creation, showing America’s godly heritage, or preaching on little known stories from the Old Testament, all my teaching is intended to establish Christians in the truth of the Word of God. Sadly, there is a lack of real Bible knowledge in many of today’s churches. I want to exhort believers to get into the Book, read it, know it, believe it, and obey it in their daily lives.

3. Equip the Saints

 Not only do we want to teach and stir Christians to follow the Lord and His Word, but we also love to come alongside and share practical steps to equip them to go out and do what God calls them to do. I enjoy doing training classes and workshops on how to teach truths using object lessons, how to be a witness of the Gospel to the lost, and how to teach Bible lessons to children, both saved and unsaved. I love to dig deep into God’s word in large group settings, as well as in one on one discipleship classes!  It is our purpose to be servants in preparing local churches and families to serve God and make Him known. Both my wife and I have our own blogs (links located on the right hand side of this site) to encourage the saints to zeal and good works and have been able to publish books on Christian growth…we have more books in the making and desire to have them in print as well.