"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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Creation vs. Evolution

If you take away the reliability of the first chapters of Genesis, you take away the reason for Christ, the reality of the Gospel, and the basis for God’s ability to judge!  Many believers are comprising truth, not esteeming the account in Genesis to be that important of a vantage point.  In doing so, believers surrender ground that is pivotal to the rest of our faith!  We must stand firm where God’s word stands firm!  To rewrite scripture or to put lesser value on certain texts (due to worldview or intellectualism) is to spit in the face of Almighty God0ur commander and Chief.  There will be defeat!

I feel it is my duty to engage at the front of this worldview war!  A Creation Seminar (all or any mixture of the creation messages you desire) over several days can be scheduled for any size congregation or group. I am also available to teach any presentation you choose for a Sunday Morning or Evening worship service, Mid-Week service, Youth Group meeting, Sunday School class, Christian School chapel, Home school group, or any other such gathering.

Seminar Presentations include:

Creation To Christ (Powerpoint ®)

From eternity past to eternity futureusing the Scriptures and a time line Kevan teaches the story of God’s purpose and plan for man’s redemption.  Taking the example of the Apostle Paul, it is very important to lay a proper foundation for who God is and why His word has final authority before sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dangerous Waters (Powerpoint ®)

When a society becomes convinced that they have evolved, that there is no Creator God to answer to, and that there is no right or wrong then they venture into the dangerous waters of humanism.  Caution: There are crocodiles in the water!  Kevan shares the various perils rooted in this religious worldview and how vital it is for children, youth, and adults to avoid its pitfalls.

Dinosaurs through History (Powerpoint ®)

Dinosaurs have been and continue to be the main tools used to steal God’s glory and brainwash children by the millions with the religion of evolutionism.  Many Christians have questions and doubts about these incredible creatures.  This message clearly explains the history of dinosaurs and man from a biblical perspective (in a fun and interactive way) and shows that dinosaurs are effectual “missionary lizards.”

Evolution Exposed (Powerpoint ®)

This message lays out the ungodly worldview of evolution and highlights the truth that it is taken solely by faith.  Many people, including the lost and some Christians, do not understand this concept.  Let’s bring all knowledge including science under the authority of God and His Word.  People are freed from doubts by understanding that true science does not contradict Scripture.

The “Kind” Question (Powerpoint ®)

Evolution says that all “kinds” of living creatures descended from one common ancestor.  The Bible teaches that God created the kinds to be able to bring forth a variety of offspring, but staying within the limits of their own kind.  Which of these views do we find is best supported by the observable sciences?

From the Mouth of a Rodent (Powerpoint ®)

But Ask Now the Beasts (Powerpoint ®)

God challenges us to learn many lessons He can teach us from the creatures that He has made.  Learn zoology, character, and life lessons simultaneously as Kevan teaches from the experience he gained while working hands-on with many of God’s amazing critters.

It’s the Law!

Science has certain laws.  People discovered them, but it was God Who invented them.  It is fascinating to study a principle of science and see the incredible ways we humans can use it to help us today.  This presentation is targeted to young people because of its hands on illustrations—but is enjoyed by any age. Kevan uses many different principles to teach spiritual truths and life lessons with practical applications.  REAL science always agrees with God and should be used to give Him the glory He deserves.