"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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January Prayer Letter

We welcome 2013 with praise on our lips and hearts filled with gratitude!  Last year was brimming with the tender mercies of our great God and we would be remiss not to recount His goodness AND say thank you to those of you who were a prayerful part in this ministry!

JANUARY—Enjoying the gift of our precious daughter.  A nice long visit from Aunt Jess! Pro-Life Ministry at our local abortion mill—eight different days to hand out literature and preach the gospel.  Bible Studies! Kevan answering internet questions each month on Creation and other Bible topics.

FEBRUARY—Tirzah’s first time to “stand” for life!  Went nine times to offer women help and preach the gospel. Published Deana’s booklet, “Her Beautiful Dwelling Place”. Preached twice to a local congregation!  Began one-on-one discipleship Bible studies.

MARCH—Nine Pro-Life stands! “Dinosaurs Through History” for a youth group and preached at a church in Abilene, Kansas. Bible studies. Kevan, as the “Apostle Paul” to a Good News Club (in a Public School), preached the sermon on Mar’s Hill.

APRIL—Preached on Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday to a local congregation. Neighborhood, Movie Theater, Union Station tract blitz using the Titanic 100th Anniversary as a springboard. Preached a “Titanic” message at the City Union Mission! “Something To Think About”—an afternoon at the Museum on Sea Creatures. Kevan as the “Apostle Paul” to another Good News Club. Eight Pro-Life stands. Sunday Schools and Bible Studies.

MAY—Seven Pro-Life stands.  Continued to answer internet questions each month. Sunday Schools and Bible Studies.

JUNE—Kevan taught at Christian Youth In Action Training in Newton, Kansas for a week. Preached in Newton. Five Pro-life stands. Preached twice to a local congregation.  Taught daily at a “Vacation Bible Club” using Answers in Genesis curriculum in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Excited to discover we were expecting another child (due February 9th).

JULY—Six Pro-Life stands. Preached twice to a local congregation. Deana threatened a miscarriage.  Sunday School. A Creation Seminar!

AUGUST—Eight Pro-Life stands.  Heard our precious baby’s heart beating strong—everything normal in pregnancy!  God provided a job for Kevan!

SEPTEMBER—Taught at a Family Camp in California!  Six Pro-Life stands. Missionary Fair. Went into early labor and grieved the heart-wrenching loss of our first born son ♥ William Livingstone Samuel—at 21 weeks—we continue to bury our pain in God’s comfort and abiding peace. Preached!

OCTOBER—Kevan taught two breakout sessions at the Proof of God Conference in Orlando, Florida! Five Pro-Life stands with the knowledge of 5 women who turned around! Kevan began to teach weekly at a Good News Club. “Something To Think About”—an afternoon at the Museum on Bugs.  Kevan interviewed by French TV on Abortion and the Christian Vote. Sunday School!

NOVEMBER—Eight Pro-Life stands.  Taught on Dinosaurs at a local Kid’s Club!  Deana began to teach weekly at a Good News Club. Tirzah’s 1st Birthday! Bible Studies and Sunday Schools!

DECEMBER—Six Pro-Life stands—finding the mill to be closed 3 of those times, praise the Lord!  Preached on Christmas Sunday! Sunday Schools!

…we love YOU, dear friends, and thank YOU for your prayers!!!

Please pray…

Ÿ♦For an outreach using the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade (January 22) as a springboard to pass out the “180 Movie” and tracts during this month—please pray for seed sown

Ÿ♦For our weekly teaching in the public school—GOOD NEWS CLUBS

ŸThat God would continue to reap a harvest of salvation as our family engages in the pro-Life ministry

ŸFor several one-on-one Discipleship studies and SS class


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