"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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June Prayer Letter

It is hard to believe we are about to jump into the month of June! We have felt the year fly by, but as we look back at our 2013 calendar we are filled with awe as to the places and people we have been able to minister to and among! We were grateful for a quieter month of May in order to prepare for upcoming events just around the corner. We both thank you for praying specifically that we would make the best use of our time in study and preparation and we praise the Lord for how He has enabled us to do just that.

We are especially excited about heading off to Newton, KS for Christian Youth in Action® training tomorrow (Friday).  Kevan is extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to not only be involved in the classroom where middle and high school students learn how to effectively reach children with the Gospel of Christ, but also to speak directly into their lives through daily chapel services and one on one conversations.  Please pray for the heavy teaching load and that these youth will catch a vision for ministry now and in the future.  These classes and the homework/practicums required are quite intensive.

CYIA® of Kansas has graciously adopted our family and ministry as their summer club Missionaries.  We are greatly humbled—especially not being officially with Child Evangelism Fellowship®.  The Kansas Board assured us that they were quite aware of that fact but see the need for the work we do and desire to bless us. Because of this we have the opportunity to present ourselves and our ministry to the students in several different venues—in a formal classroom setting and through a Missionary Fun night event.  There will be about 45-50 teens trained and then sent home to their cities and towns scattered throughout Kansas with the objective to plan, prepare, and teach 5 Day Clubs® in the coming summer months.  Please pray that God’s Word would go forth with mighty power and bear precious fruit in the workers and the many children who will hear the Gospel!

We continue to stand 3 days a week at the abortion mill in Kanas City, KS.  God graciously gave Kevan a boss both sympathetic and passionate about this ministry enabling my husband to preach and plead every Wednesday morning—we are blessed to be there as a family!  I take Tirzah for the Friday shift—and on Saturdays we are able to minister again all together.  Our hearts are extremely burdened for more workers!  We want you to know that we pray for your church and your pastor each week—asking God to wake up His people to the atrocity of abortion.  There should never be an abortion facility open for business without a Christian in front of it standing for righteousness, preaching the gospel, and offering help and hope to those who enter. Three abortion mills in our area are 3 abortion mills too many—but when you consider the many Bible Believing Churches in comparison, it is to their shame that not more stand.  Even if just 1 believer from each church stood, there would not be room to hold the number!  And we would see these houses of death shut down.  We praise the Lord for the many who come every 4th Saturday of each month (and some more) to minister alongside us from our church.  There are many of you who pray for us every time we go out—and we are grateful to give you “real time” updates via Face Book.  We have been greatly encouraged and have seen God work!  The need for prayer in this ministry is vital!  I have attached a separate file containing a middle of the month letter that we put out for our church members in order to educate and inform and report on what God is doing.  If you are faithful to lift up this specific Front Line and would like to receive this extra mailing, please send us a reply message requesting it.  Maybe you do not know where or how to begin—we would love to come and speak to your church’s Youth Group, Men’s gathering, Ladies Circle, Bible Study, etc.  or even just to your family.  What would God have YOU do?


Please pray…

Ÿ♦For our family’s involvement in CYIA, Kevan’s teaching, and that the students would do well (June 2-16)

Ÿ♦For our pro-life minstry, three times each week—that we would be bold, courageous, and strengthened to stand in the midst of opposition and that God would continue to reap a harvest of saved babies and saved souls

Ÿ♦Preparation for “Something to Think About” and camp speaking in June and July


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