"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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May June Prayer Letter

what has happened

This last month was filled with some wonderful events and we saw the Lord answer many prayers as we ministered to individuals, children, women, churches, and teens!  I (Deana) was royally pampered when invited to share at a ladie’s retreat in Sharon Springs, KS, at a delightful bed and breakfast!  I was given the theme Beautifully Rooted and was amazingly encouraged and exhorted by my own study to prepare! Kevan taught on many subjects throughout this last month covering the topics of Joy, Loyalty, what it means to Follow the Heart of our King, Creation to Christ and what a Christian’s life should look like after salvation, and the laws of science according to Scripture! J  We are so grateful you pray for the requests we lay out each month!

what is to come

We have 2 different week long camps we are preparing to teach in the next month.  We leave for CYIA (Christian Youth In Action—a training for teens to learn how to teach the gospel to children held in Newton, KS) on May 30th. We then will leave for Michigan on June 20th, where a church has partnered with their local YMCA to bring a week-long camp on Creation for mostly unchurched kids in the community!  Please pray for us as we wrap up needed prep and props!  It is a huge blessing that we can travel together as a family—it is so much fun to meet other believers as we go and to see places we have never been to before!  Please pray that the High School students at CYIA will do well and look to the Lord for their help as it is very intensive (we are with them for the 1st week of a 2 week course).  Please pray that many would be drawn to salvation through the camp in Michigan!

happy mothers

Yes, that is what you have when women choose to keep their babies!  I (Deana) got a “Happy Mother’s Day” text early last Sunday morning and I almost squealed out loud during church.  This dear girl chose life for her baby while leaving an abortion clinic last year on May 7th.  I had the privilege of texting her that same message just days after her courageous choice.  And this year she beat me to it!  To God be the glory, great things He has done!

And another happy mother is getting married!  We were beyond thrilled to get their “announcement” text a couple weeks ago.  We know, and statistics prove, that had this couple (both 18) aborted their 12 week preborn boy last summer their life would look much different.  We are so grateful that they have kept the door wide open for a relationship with us.  We love them! Please pray that they will come to know Christ as their Savior!

lizzette and jose

And we were so grateful to be asked to speak at a church located just 16 minutes from Planned Parenthood and the Center for Women’s Health on Mother’s Day.  A most fitting holiday to address this most neglected mission field!  Our plea on Sunday was for Intercessors, both in the prayer closet and on the sidewalk!  Oh, that more would Amad Perets for the unborn!

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