"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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May Prayer Letter

This year Kevan and I have been praying that God would draw believers who have never been to an abortion mill to come to the Abortuary at 7th and Central, where we minister weekly. Whether they would come to stand regularly or come only in order to inform their prayers—we are praying the Church would rise up! Each month God has given us specific groups of people to target in our prayers! We have had 14 first-timers to date this year. 🙂 This month we are focusing on Mothers! A special day is already set aside in May to honor those who have given so much and we thought it appropriate to not only pray but encourage women with children to come!  Dear Mother, if you live close to the Kansas City area, we want to invite YOU to come out and stand for Motherhood.  Moms who are coming to have their babies killed need to see moms who have chosen to give their children life. They need to see babies—whether they want to see babies or not! Your presence is very important.  Some of you who come may want to try to engage the women in conversation, counseling them for Life.  Some of you may have a testimony to share of how God has faithfully helped you through great difficulties in having or bringing up children.  Let them see that their baby is worth saving! Some of you may simply, but most courageously, come to pray while holding a sign or a baby in your arms (one of the best pro-life signs).  Happy children, at the very gates where children are slaughtered for a price, is most powerful.  We are very aware of the time and energy it will take to bring your family with you…we are praying that the Lord will not only burden your heart to come but that He will supply the grace and strength needed to make it happen!  We stand Wednesday mornings and Saturday mornings.  Come when you can.  Leave when you need to.




Kevan will be teaching at a local assembly next week and preaching at another local church May 25th.  Please pray that God will use His word to influence the listeners to godliness and/or salvation! The end of May will see our little family on the road as we head to Newton, KS where Kevan will be teaching teens at Christian Youth in Action© the first full week of June before heading over to Ellis, Kansas where Kevan will be preaching on Sunday, June 8th! We are excited as our scheduled summer ministry activities begin to become reality but do covet your prayers most earnestly! We do not want to be busy for Christ, ministering to the needs of others, only to neglect the daily work the Spirit desires to do in both of us—teaching us humility, slaying our pride, giving us victory over personal sin…making us more like Jesus!

Please Pray:

For Kevan’s teaching/preaching May 13, 25, and June 8

For the CYIA© training the first week of June

For Kevan’s preparation of messages for this summer’s teaching—he is scheduled as Camp Speaker  in Kansas, Missouri, Virginia, and California

For Deana’s preparation as she will also be speaking to women

Weekly and Bi-Monthly Discipleship Bible Studies that Deana and Kevan both lead separately

Frontline ministry at our local abortion mill


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(Kevan and Deana Myers on the memo line)