"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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May Prayer Letter

We are so grateful for your commitment to pray for our family and ministry.  And we love getting emails, phone calls—even the old-fashioned letter—from you all, as well.  It is exciting to hear what you are doing in service for Christ and know specific needs you and your family are experiencing.  Each week we spend time praying for your effectiveness and that God would grant great blessing!

Kevan enjoyed speaking to several different groups this last month, mainly on the topic of Creation!  A local Kid’s Club outreach at a Fellowship here in our area, a church up in Nebraska one weekend, and a fun interactive afternoon at “Something To Think About”—we are always bringing along part of Kevan’s museum to entertain, educate, or drive home a valuable truth!



Taking a long look at different amazing creatures (like the tarantula, the chincilla, the boa constricter) derails the myth of evolution—it is evident that God made this world!  Straight “From The Mouth of a Rodent” valuable lessons are taught on Purpose, Perspective, and Priority! And while exploring Newton’s laws of motion we definitely have “Something To Think About” regarding Motivation to serve others, the importance to Maintain obedience when faced with opposition, and the iMpact we, as believers, should have on this world!

We want to praise the Lord for how he has shown Himself strong while we stand weekly at the Abortion Mill.  One day this week, while in the midst of all the grief and sadness, a woman got out of her car and walked toward the clinic. I handed her a brochure, but as she reached out I recognized who she was!  Just a couple months ago she had driven by and stopped to see what we were doing. When we told her what happens at that location she was obviously upset; she lives in the area and had no idea. Before I left the house that morning I felt the Lord urging me to grab our last 180 movie—as we were talking I reached in to my bag and pulled it out.  I asked her to please watch it and share it!!!! She then told us that her 14 year old cousin had just found out she was pregnant and was planning on getting an abortion. We told her we would pray.  She drove away.  And now, here she was coming to stand alongside us after getting her kids to school. Wow!  She told us she was so thankful for the 180 Movie and had her cousin watch it 10 times. She also sent a copy to every family member (some were grateful, some not). The good news: her 14 year old cousin is still carrying and has decided to give her child life. A beautiful save!  Our hearts rejoice!  So grateful we were standing on the corner that particular day. And we are so thankful for how God worked to share with us the “end of the story”—at least that part of the story. What you pass to others (a tract, a dvd, even a spoken word) has the potential of affecting the lives of many people. And sometimes God lets you see it.

deana (for kevan and tirzah too!)

Please pray…

Ÿ♦For Kevan as he spends this next month in study and preparation for several summer camp ministries

Ÿ♦For our pro-life minstry, three times each week—that we would be bold, courageous, and strengthened to stand in the midst of opposition and that God would continue to reap a harvest of saved babies and saved souls

Ÿ♦Discipleship Bible Studies


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(Kevan and Deana Myers on the memo line)