"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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October Prayer Letter

end of summer

We were so grateful to wrap up our summer ministry and now carry with us the memories of new and renewed relationships, the knowledge that God’s word faithfully went forth and bore fruit, many souls who were saved (from elementary to highschool age), and all the fun!  The Lord was faithful, as always, to remind of us His promises—and then prove them to be true—when we were overwhelmed!  And He taught us many personal lessons as we leaned into His strength as our own fell short. Thank you for praying and holding up our family with encouragement!

beginning of fall

As we began to sense a change in the season, Deana underwent some complications in her pregnancy!  We were so grateful that after 2 weeks of rest and a “no lift” restriction she and baby are doing very well! Mid-September we discovered that we are having another boy!  Both of our kids are so happy about it!  And that pleases us to no end.  He is a very active baby—which brings us such delight as we await his arrival in January!

We enjoyed another fun-filled and blessed weekend at our Church’s Missionary Fair last month!  We are so grateful for a body of believers who put such a high priority on the great commission—and are amazed as they not only cheer our family on in the ministry but come beside us here in Kansas City to stand outside of Planned Parenthood!

Throughout the summer and into fall the Lord has continued to answer our prayer that He would send more laborers into the specific field of Planned Parenthood!  We have asked you to join us in that prayer, and have been extremely blessed to share in local churches who have committed to pray every week to this end as well!  We want to take a moment to praise God for how He has/is accomplishing this!  Individuals, married couples, and families have not only contacted us, but have come to stand with us!  They have come to observe only to, very quickly, pick up resources to offer those driving in and pick up the mic to plead or preach the gospel! We have seen some of these believers strike out to minister on another day we cannot be there…!  This has filled our hearts with joy and given us reason to pray with even more intensity for the Lord of the harvest to send MORE!  Yes, there are still pockets of time during the week that there is no one pleading for the lives of the unborn! 🙁 Will you continue to lift this great need up to the Savior?  Would you consider coming to see this need for yourself?

brooke and jon







mission field inside a mission field

We continue to plead, preach the Gospel, and offer hope and resources to those who come for abortions every Wednesday and Saturday, AS WELL AS TO those who NOW come in their pink and proud arrogance to stand right next to us in celebration of the murder of the innocent. It has become our mission field inside our mission field.  We are shoulder to shoulder with the death culture every Saturday—they wave in cars and escort girls to the door—and our hearts break over their rebellion toward our good and gracious God!  As hard as it has become we rejoice as we have an opportunity to reach them for Christ in a way we never could through social media!  We pray for them as we stand and we quietly speak the gospel to them. They hear the preaching loud and clear, as well.  Please pray for the Lord to work mightily in their hearts—please pray for breaches to be exposed!

This summer we were asked to make short videos regarding our life ministry that could be shown daily at a local VBS.  Here is a link to each one for those who are interested.  We pray that God will use them to awaken believers to the great need in our country to the “fields ripe unto harvest” outside of the abortion clinics.
Please view them and use them in any way you can.  It is NOT about our family’s specific ministry as it is about the great need.  We have seen the Lord work mightily through so many Christians who have just become obedient in this one area–to open their mouths for the dumb and plead the cause of all that are being drawn away to death!  We desire to see the Church of Christ rise up in their communities and be faithful to their unborn neighbors!