"let us behave ourselves valiantly" I Chr. 19:13
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present day holocaust

today is set aside as a memorial to the 6 million Jews, along with millions of others, who were murdered by the nazi regime! we must not forget their lives and their deaths. it honors their memory to read their stories! although the words “never again” drive home the point that this kind of atrocity should never be allowed to once again take place, it has INDEED taken place, many times over—not in far away Germany but in the borders of our own beloved country. america sadly passed up Hitler many, many millions ago. since the legalization of abortion, over 56 million of our own people (humans conceived with inalienable rights completely denied) have been tortured and burned, ripped apart limb by limb in the dark places of the womb—on obgyn floors in local hospitals or in clinics whose complete income is made up of the remains of the unwanted in our nation—and the public as a whole turns a blind eye and covers its ears to the silent screams of our brothers and sisters! in Germany the churches turned up their pipe organs and sang louder when the trains carrying Jews passed by, drowning out their cries for help! in remembering the horrific holocaust that ended in 1945 let us not forget the holocaust we are now living through. today over 3,000 precious children, made in the image of their God, will be violently slaughtered legally in our country. and it will be repeated again tomorrow. in remembering the deaths of the innocent during Nazi rule DO SOMETHING about the death camps in your own neighborhood, in your own community, in your own city, in your own country!